Why You Can’t Afford To Not Be Blogging

I remember back when blogging was first popularized in the late 1990’s. Suddenly publishing was accessible to anyone who wanted their voice to be heard in the form of online journals. But what do these journals have to do with business? More specifically where do blogs fit in with your company and how can they help your business grow?

Blogs are the perfect compliment to any business’s web presence. They are easy to use and can promote customer relations, web visitor traffic, and search engine rankings. Many people don’t blog because they think it will be time consuming with little pay off but the opposite is true. With minimal effort and potentially a little fun, blogging can become the perfect compliment to your company and website.

Boosts Your SEO
Google and other search engines love new content. A regularly updated blog is one of the easiest ways to keep your website content fresh, boosting your search engine results ranking. This is also an additional place to utilize key word content writing. Focus your entries on the core ideas of your company and key word content will naturally follow.

Drives Traffic to Your Site
Regular blogging will promote web visitor traffic to your website in a couple of ways. With an increased rank on search engine results pages, your website will have a greater likelihood of being clicked on by web visitors. In addition, if your company posts blog entries regularly, customers will be more likely to return regularly to your site. If you write it, they will come (Field of Dreams…anyone?!).

Amplifies Customer Service
It is important for any business to have a face and a voice. Customers want to know you; they want to know who they are buying from, what that company believes in. They want you to be accessible. By blogging you create a natural conversation with your customers. They can respond to your thoughts, ask questions, and feel that their thoughts and concerns are being addressed. Blogging is a way to make a personal connection with your consumers and let them know you care.

The bottom line is that blogging can be simple and quite profitable to your business. Don’t be intimidated. Take the first steps and see what blogging can do for your website and business.