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What We Do

We will help you navigate the vast world of social networking to create greater brand awareness, develop a greater sense of community with your customers, design word of mouth marketing campaigns that will spread like wildfire, and most importantly increase your business’s online presence. We offer services to help you get started no matter what your experience or current presence is in the social networking communities.

Our Process

The first step is to determine which sites are most appropriate for your business. Your target customers are already on these social networking sites; we will help you find and reach them. Once we determine which social networking sites to use, we will assist you in creating profile accounts to attract online traffic and connect you to your customers.

Next we will launch a social network marketing campaign by determining a schedule of updates and assisting you in the creation of content for news feeds, updates, promotions, and blogs. We will help you manage multiple accounts through regular updates and sharing information with your customers, which will enhance your online presence substantially.


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SITESPRING will integrate these various network profiles into your website, through badges, widgets, blogs, and news feed integration. We will make sure your website connects your customers to your social network profiles and your social network profiles will drive customers to your website.

Successful social networking will help you have a greater online presence and be connected to what your customers are saying about you and your industry.

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