Mobile Web Design

At Sitepring we know how important mobile web design has become, now that over 50% of Internet users choose to view the web on their mobile devices. As of 2015, Google has begun to include mobile-friendly sites in their newest search engine algorithms; verifying the importance of a mobile-friendly website. Google is still the largest search engine on the web and it is important that our websites will be seen in mobile search results as well as desktop results.

One of the goals of custom web development is to provide website users with the most ideal viewing experience. To achieve the optimal viewing experience, we offer Fully Responsive web design as well as Custom Standalone mobile-friendly sites.

A Fully Responsive web design allows for the fluid motion of the photos and layout arrangement of a website based on the size of the users browser window (chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer etc…) or the device (tablet, phone, smartTV) used to view that website. Ultimately, the main design for the website is created for a desktop experience and then shifts to adjust to every device.

When one of our clients desires to have a Custom Standalone mobile website. We are able to build a completely custom mobile site to fit the exact needs of our clients’ desired mobile interaction experience.

If you are interested in learning more about mobile-friendly web design, give us a call today at (941) 351-3219. Allow us the opportunity to help build your next website project.

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