If You Aren’t Doing This, You are Losing Business

You’ve created an amazing website, you write your blog faithfully; you rock the social media scene.

So, how effective has it been?

If you don’t know, you are missing one of the most critical aspects of online marketing and brand awareness. Monitoring site traffic is paramount to understanding the effectiveness of your advertising dollars, your marketing efforts and your content writing. And it goes far deeper than understanding how many people came to look at your site – a regular assessment of your site traffic will allow you to maximize those things that ARE working, and minimizing – or canceling – those things that are not.

As you ramp up your efforts, if the site traffic is gradually going up you are making an impact – and that’s fantastic! But lets see how you can leverage that information through site traffic reports so as to maximize your efforts.

A detailed site traffic report will tell you where the visitors are coming from. Are they clicking through from a blog? Are they engaging through Twitter or Facebook, or are the majority of visitors still searching and finding you on Google? We can tell you.

Not only can we tell where they are coming from, we can tell what caught their attention by looking at the page they enter on. For instance, if you are posting the link to a blog post across social media, and that week a great number of visitors enter your website through that blog post, we know it was compelling to the user.

By analyzing how much time people spent on your pages, we can determine what information is captivating their attention, and which pages may need to be revamped to include more useful content or eye-catching graphics that keep them looking. A high “bounce rate” off your pages usually indicates a problem. If everyone seems to leave from the same type of page, it’s time to regroup.

By understanding what time of the day your visitors tend to be on the site, you can gear content towards them – “Night Owl Specials”, for instance. Having interactive capability at site high times, you can engage your customer base.

Tracking how people travel through your site, we can streamline their experience, making it more enjoyable and productive.

Traffic monitoring tools can tell you what keywords are being utilized to find your site, allowing you to capitalize on and accentuate those words in your content.

These are just a few of the deep insights that you can glean from regular site traffic reports. When the information is leveraged with your SEO, content marketing and social media, you will begin to see traffic turn into desired results. Don’t forget to implement this key piece of data gathering into your growth strategy.