How having a philosophy made our web design better

Our philosophy in creating great websites is to keep them clean and simple. Simplicity is the key to having an easy-to-navigate site and one that loads quickly. Let us consider the following steps to creating a clean website.

The first step in making a clean website is to determine the main purpose of your website.

If you come up with multiple main purposes you may need to create multiple websites or just narrow the purpose. Having a defined main purpose will give you direction for creating all the other supporting pages for your website. This will also benefit you in doing well on the search engines as it will set your site up with a Theme. The theme concept plays a vital role in search engine optimization (SEO).

The second step in creating a clean website is to be consistent.

We create a navigational scheme that will remain the same for all your pages. If you have ever been on a site that isn’t consistent in its navigation, you know that it is next to impossible to find what you are looking for. Another element of consistency is in the design of the website. All of your pages should have the same look and feel. This is typically accomplished by using the same header and colors throughout your site.

The last step in a clean website design is to follow the rules of alignment and proximity.

The rule of alignment states that every element on your page should be aligned with some other element on your page. The alignment can be right, left, centered, or justified. The rule of proximity states that you should group similar items together and separate items that are different. These two rules help to organize your website and create a clean, simple look.

Those are the basics of creating a clean website. To go a little deeper and learn more in-depth information about creating great, clean websites you might be interested in checking out some of our other posts.