5 Surprising Reasons Your Logo Is More Important Than You Think

You have an awesome product.

Your customer service is unparalleled.

Your reputation is spotless.

Is it possible that with all of that going for you, that you could actually lose business because of something as simple as a logo? Absolutely.

There is always someone on the horizon who is going to come riding in, looking spiffy and more professional; and they won’t mind taking your business. The best company in the world won’t survive if their image looks dated, dusty or old-fashioned – unless of course you are an antiques dealer!

Here are some important things to consider if your logo hasn’t been refreshed in some time.

Keep Customers
Sure, you’ve always done a great job for them. But that new company looks interesting – and look at that cool logo! Having a professional, high quality logo reassures and reminds your clients that they are dealing with a top-notch company, and don ‘t need to look elsewhere.

First Impressions
Your logo is going to convince someone to pick up the phone or click on your link; it is your first salesperson. Like any first impression, people decide quickly if your company looks like a fit for them. If your logo isn’t inviting, they won’t open the door.

Center of Attention
We live in a world of logos, and the best ones are instantly recognizable by their target market. The logo should reflect your business, but also be the one that draws the eye and gets the attention of a sensory overloaded world.

Keep It Professional
People want to work with a professional organization. Just because a business is small or start-up doesn’t mean it is not professional. But a high-end logo is a great outward sign that the company is serious about what they do. This doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy – a whimsical logo can be highly effective if created professionally.

Keep it Trending
The best logos evolve over time, and show people that the company is open to new and innovative ideas that will benefit their client base. No one can afford to rest on their laurels. Reworking your logo to reflect how things are changing is a great outward sign of progress.

If you have an established company and a logo that is recognized in your community, it is not necessary (or advised!) to change it completely. Mega-companies like Nike and Pepsi are experts at tweaking the logo periodically to update and evolve, without losing the essence of the logo.

Have some ideas? Give us a call today to update your image!