Why Should You Pay for a Website?

It is a common question these days. With free-to-cheap web templates available online, it seems easy enough to build your own website. Truth be told, it is easy to build a basic, no frills website.

But why would you?

The majority of users – nearly 90% in 2016 – now begin their product or service search online. Studies show that most people will form an impression about you in the first 5 seconds, therefore it is of utmost importance that your site represents you professionally. Here are some reasons why you should consider a hiring a professional firm when creating your online image.

The Right Tool for the Job – Web templates allow for generic categories of business, but can be difficult to customize to reflect your unique identity and processes. DIY sites can limit your creativity, and stifle what you really want to accomplish. Working with a professional agency allows for in-depth conversation and a site designed specifically for your personality, company and the way you do business.

Artistic Web Design Sells – The visual impact of your site is very important. Clashing colors or too much text will cause visitors to lose interest quickly; while a design pleasing to the eye will invite them in, and encourage them to browse.

Technology is King – Video, RSS feeds or social media plug ins change every day, and not all DIY sites will allow you to incorporate these technologies effectively into your site. With technologies advancing so quickly, you’ll want a team of people who are up to date so that your visitors have the best experience.

SEO is not as easy as ABC – If search engines cannot find and rank your site, your potential clients will never see even the prettiest website. Professional web designers build your site with the latest SEO protocols and methods in order to maximize your optimization.

The Never Ending Story – The biggest mistake that people make is designing a website and thinking that the job is finished. But websites must be constantly maintained to stay relevant and ahead of the competition, as well as to take advantage of the latest technologies. A webmaster can run reports, give you results, make recommendations and keep your sales trending upward!

With so much riding on the success of your website – and our team of professionals ready to give you a cost-effective solution – there is no reason to risk losing customers with a cheap imitation. Show your competitors, your clients – and yourself – that you are serious about your business.