Site Maintenance and Updates

First impressions of your business are lasting and they begin with a professional looking website, therefore, a properly maintained site is vital to avoid visitor bounce. Keeping your site current by displaying fresh information or graphics and easy to use site navigation will assure that visitors return more often for your on-line business. Calling Sitespring will put you in touch with a professional and affordable web designer/ programmer who can make timely changes to website text, graphics, photos or colors. Sitespring also has affordable monthly maintenance packages to help with your on-going website changes.

Our expert web designers / programmers will help you with:

  • Adding or deleting website content, graphics or photos
  • Refreshing your website homepage or with a graphic redesign
  • Add an e-commerce feature or products to an existing shopping cart
  • De-bugging and trouble-shooting website problems
  • Updating announcements, articles, news, etc.
  • Replacing images, pictures & graphics
  • Adding/removing pages/features/software
  • PDF document creation and uploading
  • Drop-in a video feature
  • Adding a newsletter or survey

Software utilized:

HTML, CSS, PHP,, Java Script,
Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cold fusion

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