Social Networking Website Integration

At Sitespring we offer full integration of all your social networking sites into your custom website design. Whether you have existing social network accounts that you would like to utilize in a greater way or you are ready to use our social network management services to help you design a strategic plan for launching your social network marketing campaign, Sitespring will design and integrate social network links strategically into your custom website.

Making a website accessible to customers through social networking is an important feature for any business. Web visitors should be able to bookmark and share web content through the networks that they access. It is vital to design social media links that draw the attention of your web visitors to the social side of your website without distracting the viewer from the important content. Well-designed social media links optimize your website so that it is easily accessible, highly visible to search engines, and the content is more frequently included on relevant blogs and social networking sites.

Sitespring will also create custom badges and widgets for your website.  Your web visitors can grab your custom badge and share them on their own profiles, newsfeeds, and blogs. Badges can be designed in a variety of sizes so that users can choose what is most suitable for their blogs or sites. Custom widgets will allow your web visitors to interact with your content directly on your web page. Sitepring can also embed your Twitter newsfeed into your custom website design, allowing your customers to see your latest posts as well as link them to your profile so that they can stay up-to-date with your web conversation.

Social Media Links allow web visitors to find your business profiles and pages on social networking sites. They can also be utilized to allow web visitors to interact with your content, posting relevant information or images to their newsfeeds.

Badges are sharable content that web visitors can grab from your website and post onto their own sites, blogs, or social networking accounts.

Widgets are small applications or tools embedded directly into your webpage where web visitors can interact with content such as a survey or a request for contact information.

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