Social Networking Setup

The world of social networking is vast and can be challenging to navigate.  Sitespring will help you determine which social networking sites will effectively reach your current customers and help you gain new followers for your brand. We will look at how your industry is currently represented in various social networking sites and analyze how the tools offered by different sites will best impact your business.

Once we determine which social networking sites to use, Sitepring will setup accounts and profiles for your business. We will create and link all of your social networking accounts so that your business’s image is consistent from one account to the next. Sitespring will customize your company’s profile to help you draw in a larger community.

There are many types of social networking sites available to your business. Sitespring will help you choose which social networking sites will best support your social network marketing campaign.

Facebook is a social networking site with over a billion active users. Facebook offers many features for social networking including groups and pages that allow customers to follow updates as you post to your account.

Twitter is a social network that specializes in microblogging. Users write updates of up to 140 characters. These messages, called Tweets, are posted in followers’ timelines and can be received and read in real time.

Google+ is a social networking service that Google describes as a “social layer,” offering many online features to connect customers through social groups, video chats, events, communities, and much more.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that connects you to your current contacts and allows you to share advice, ideas, and opportunities with other businesses in your industry.

YouTube is a multimedia-sharing site where your business can share originally created videos. This is a great tool for any marketing campaign.

Instagram is a photo-sharing site where you can upload photos, apply digital filters, and share the images in a newsfeed. The uploaded photos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr as well as through email.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where customers can organize and share images from websites that link other viewers directly back to the originating website. Build your online community, share your values, highlight specials, and send more web visitors’ traffic to your business’s website.

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