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If you need SEO in Edmonton, contact Evolve One Media today. We are SEO and digital marketing specialists who not only understand how important SEO is, but also how to get web pages ranked for targeted keywords. As your SEO provider, Evolve One Media will create your keyword-optimized content for you, manage your links, manage your social media, and provide monthly reporting for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This way, we can see your progress in the search engines in real-time and optimize your campaign as needed.

Our SEO in Edmonton is based on monthly keyword plans. You select how many keywords you want to rank for, and we do the rest, using our one-of-a-kind SEO automation platform. All you need to do is install our plugin (we can do it for you) or paste a code snippet in PHP file (we can do this too).

What's the Most Important Part of SEO?

Although it's hard to say definitively what part of SEO is the most important, it all comes down to keywords. Without keywords, there would be no SEO. Keywords are so important and so integral to successful SEO campaigns that it is possible to be successful with SEO if you just get the keywords right - even if you get everything else wrong! On the other hand; It would be impossible to be successful with SEO if you got your keywords wrong - even if you did everything else perfectly!

In addition to the importance of keywords, content is almost just as relevant. After all, once you find your target keywords, you will need content to use them in. Keyword-optimized content that is capable of converting average readers into buyers (or to take the call to action that you choose) is essential for SEO to be successful.

Social Media is Now a Big Part of SEO

Evolve One Media has been providing professional SEO in Edmonton for a long time. We have had ample opportunity to see what works and what doesn't. Individually and collectively, our team has been working on all sorts of SEO/SEM projects over the years, and we have watched the search engine algorithm updates come and go. Today, whether you realize it or not, social media and engagement play a huge roll in SEO.

In Google's never-ending pursuit to provide its users with the best, most accurate, and most relevant recommendations possible, it now looks at factors like how many shares, links, comments, and other engagement signals your content gets. Please, let's make your content social media-friendly.

Contact Evolve One Media for a Free Initial Consultation

If you need SEO in Edmonton, you are in good hands with Evolve One Media! Our prices aren't the cheapest, but they are not the most expensive, either. Honestly, for the quality of the results that we consistently deliver for our clients, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better value from any SEO in Edmonton. Contact us for a free consultation today to discuss your SEO needs, goals, and time frames.

SEO Edmonton
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