Google’s new update the Panda Dance has changed SEO as we know it

SEO as we know it is fundamentally changing. Every web company in the world from this date forward will have to restructure their marketing campaigns to fit the new approach of the biggest search engine company in the world, Google.

The old adage of customers saying “I want to be #1 for all my keywords” will no longer be a possible scenario for any marketing company. Web marketing companies who continue to promise their customers a #1 standing for every keyword, will be falsely selling their abilities.

Google has restructured their search engine to change the search algorithm every month. In Laymen’s terms, this means that search results are going to continue to be “reset” each month. They have lucratively named the new algorithm structure as the Panda Dance, knowing that keyword rankings for all websites will begin to dance or bounce up and down each and every month.

The new structure will force (SEO) organic search results into a battle of averages considerably different than holding the typical solid standing keyword rankings. This new structure has quickly caused Microsoft and their (bing/yahoo) search engines to follow suit. As they have begun their own restructuring process.

Google has once again shifted the strategies of the worldwide website marketing companies, bringing much turmoil to the industry in terms of organic search results. The goal of this new strategy is crystal clear as they have begun to force larger companies to shove considerable amounts of their marketing budgets into the PPC or Pay-Per-Click Ad words marketing area to hold onto the top rankings.

Below is an example of PPC Ad words in the Red Boxes
Organic search results are labeled in the Blue Box
Google Panda Dance



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