Facebook, announced the launch of

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced the launch of–a new effort focused on bringing Internet access to the two-thirds of the world population who are currently not connected. Facebook is partnering with Samsung, Nokia, and other large mobile technology companies to change they way smartphones access and use data with the hopes of cutting costs for individual users.

The campaign is posed as an humanitarian effort. Bringing the Internet to those less fortunate. Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page, “For nine years, we’ve been on a mission to connect the world. We now connect more than 1 billion people, but to connect the next 5 billion we must solve a much bigger problem: the vast majority of people don’t have access to the Internet.”

It echoes other efforts to fight world hunger, disease and to bring clean water to remote locations. Whether or not is on par with those causes is another matter entirely, but bringing Internet to roughly 5 billion more people certainly changes the face of media. As companies and organizations continue to expand their web-based efforts the potential for broader world-wide influence is shifting.

Whether you see this effort as beneficial to the masses or a shrewd business move, it has the possibility to change the face of the globe yet again. In the same way the Internet has forever changed entire industries like music, movies, and news, a world wide increase in Internet access could shift potential markets, open up new cliental to businesses, and expand political influences.


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