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Are you getting found on the Search Engines?

If you have a website or are planning to create one you will want the benefits of being ranked on the first page of the major search engines. If you aren’t on the first page you most likely won’t draw much search traffic to your website.

SITESPRING will work hard to get you on that first page of the search results for your keywords or keyword phrases. We employ ethical methods and time proven strategies to optimize your website to give you the best chance to place well on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN. These four search engines account for approximately 90% of all online searches done on the web.

By designing sites according to web standards, researching your keyword phrases, getting you high quality links and monitoring your results we put you in the best position to climb the search engine ranks. Our search engine optimization strategy for promoting your site will help you succeed in the online marketplace and keep you from being one of the many lonely websites on the internet.

SEO marketing services provided by Sitespring

Basic SEO analysis: Site-spring.com will analyze your current site presence to determine search engine rankings for similar businesses and determine competitive considerations to help with the development of a comprehensive and strategic SEO plan.

Keyword research: Site-spring.com will help determine the most effective definition of keywords or phrases that visitors use to find similar businesses and organizations in a given market area.

Title Tag optimization: The title tag appearing at the top of your user’s browser is considered one of the most important SEO components to the search engines when determining a sites rank or presence. Site-spring.com will create a Title tag that is logical and compelling for both the visitors and the search engines.

META tags optimization: META tags are coded phrases built into your web page to clearly define the content of your web page to the search engines. Site-spring.com will optimize the META description tag and the META keyword tag to ensure that your page gets indexed and ranked according to the businesses name and key word phrases.

Content optimization: Site-spring.com will maximize the effectiveness of your sites content by properly coding your sites information for search engines to increase your ranking and visitor attraction. This is accomplished with strategically positioning your organizations name and key word phrases throughout the page content.

Directory Links: Site-spring.com will provide clients with links to and from various industry directories to increase traffic to your site ultimately affecting your site ranking.

Search engine submissions: Site-spring.com will submit your site to all major national search engines as well as local search engines and directories to maximize visitor attention.

Search engine reporting: Site Spring will provide monthly client reports summarizing Search engine key phrase visitor activity and comparative business ranking.

Please contact us now to see how we can get your website moving to the top where people can find you.

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