As extremely satisfied customers of Sitespring, Inc, we would like to offer our highest recommendation for their services. Our experience with Sitespring, from initial meeting, to creation and completion of our project, has left us thoroughly impressed.

The team at Sitespring continuously exhibited the utmost professionalism. They gave prompt attention to our requests and suggestions, and showed exceptional technical abilities in the designing and implementation of our website, in addition to our mobile site. We could not be happier with the final product, which has ultimately exceeded expectations.
Scott Silverman, M.D.
Pediatric Ophthalmologist/President
Coastal Eye Institute

Michelle Mohr Hange
Director of Marketing

“I’ve been with Sitespring Web Design for about 9 years. I don’t know if I’ll be successful in convincing you of their vast knowledge, incredible timeliness, quality customer service, and just personal care that most all other web design companies offer…but fall deeply short of maintaining. You can probably find a cheaper deal out there, but here’s what I found out when I investigated doing just that. I contacted a friend who worked in this same business for years. I asked if perhaps I should find another “cheaper” company. Instead of telling me what to do, she asked me three questions: Are you happy with their work? Do they get what you need done quickly? Do they return your calls when you have an issue? My reply began with a laugh! I stated that yes, I LOVED their work. Yes, they usually don’t have to return my calls, as in working hours…they actually ANSWER!!!! And yes, they always resolve my issues, often suggesting a better way to move forward. In conclusion, my friend HIGHLY suggested I continue to stay with Sitespring, as I wouldn’t be likely to get this type of service many other places. So, that’s my story. If you want quality, professionalism, and care – Sitespring Web Design is the place for you.
Thank You,
Julie Woik
The Life and Times of Lily the Lash

“I have been using Site-spring for the last 10 years and have had an incredible experience. I have used other companies in the past, but never have felt like the other companies cared. I always felt like a number. With Site-spring, they make you feel like you are their only client. They are always on top of anything I need. They are the best web development company I have ever worked with and will never work with anyone else…period!”
Steve Cavanaugh
Siesta Key Real Estate

Everything was fabulous – from our first cup of tea to Matthew’s finishing his super-excellent work on my site. I am a more-than-just-satisfied customer!
Leil Lowndes
Author / Communications Expert

Scott Silverman, M.D.
Pediatric Ophthalmologist/President

Werner Klimovitsch
Alpine Sauna and Steam
5874 Lantern Ct.
Sarasota, FL 34243

Todd McDuffee
Carolina Parks and Play
P.O, Box 1246
Cary, NC 27512

Bobby Bornstein
The New York Shoe
Buyers Market
4756 Oak Hill Dr.
Sarasota Florida, 34232

Julie Woik
Whimsical Wizard
4403 Lost Forest Rd.
Sarasota, FL 34235

Steve Cavanaugh
Remax Tropical Sands
1211 Old Stickney Point Rd.
Sarasota, FL 34242

Carmen Manley
Koala Tee
2160 17th St.
Sarasota, FL 34234


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