The problem with Facebook and Google+ are that both companies not really here to help us.

I am curious as to why Google seems so afraid of businesses. I know they have their Google places accounts, that make sense, but what about business pages and communication from businesses instead of people.

Yes, this new feature of communities is fantastic. It separates them from Facebook. It allows people to create specific groups of friends, colleagues or interests and create circles of communication around them. But why can’t we communicate in a more third party manner?

I am a business owner, myself, of Sitespring Web Design. I would like to communicate with with other business that might be looking for a service we provide. Maybe just for networking if we may need something. Maybe I would like to know who the company next door gets their coffee from. In working with Facebook, we have found that no information like that is available. None of our “friends” or those that “like” our business are really and truly interested in our business. (c’mon be honest your not either) Nor can they find anything of substance out about us or our customers.

If business pages could be setup, and then we could create circles around them. Maybe based on our portfolio, or profiles of some of our clients, or business interests, or services we may need, I think Google+ would really take off. Businesses and people could then be attached to a particular business. It seems to me it would open the door for market share to be moved from Facebook to Google (which I assume is one of their goals.)

In getting back to my original question, I can only figure Google’s ultimate goal is not to not really help our businesses at all. It must be for advertising. If we are paying them for something, they will help the business. Otherwise, they don’t want us to get involved.

Let me know what you think!




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