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Why Should You Pay for a Website?

It is a common question these days. With free-to-cheap web templates available online, it seems easy enough to build your own website. Truth be told, it is easy to build a basic, no frills website.

But why would you?

The majority of users – nearly 90% in 2016 – now begin their product or service search online. Studies show that most people will form an impression about you in the first 5 seconds, therefore it is of utmost importance that your site ...

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If You Aren’t Doing This, You are Losing Business

You’ve created an amazing website, you write your blog faithfully; you rock the social media scene.

So, how effective has it been?

If you don’t know, you are missing one of the most critical aspects of online marketing and brand awareness. Monitoring site traffic is paramount to understanding the effectiveness of your advertising dollars, your marketing efforts and your content writing. And it goes far deeper than understanding how many people came to look at your site – a regular assessment of ...

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5 Compelling Reasons To Redesign Your Website NOW

Is more usage in 2016 taking place on the desktop, or on mobile devices?

Statistics indicate that in total digital media time, mobile usage now far outpaces desktop (51% vs. 42%). However, the data is heavily skewed by e-mail and social media, which takes up much mobile data usage time. If you look at the percentage of people actually shopping and looking for services online, desktop searches still outpace the mobile platform.

This is likely due to the fact that many traditional ...

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5 Surprising Reasons Your Logo Is More Important Than You Think

You have an awesome product.

Your customer service is unparalleled.

Your reputation is spotless.

Is it possible that with all of that going for you, that you could actually lose business because of something as simple as a logo? Absolutely.

There is always someone on the horizon who is going to come riding in, looking spiffy and more professional; and they won’t mind taking your business. The best company in the world ...

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