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Google’s new update the Panda Dance has changed SEO as we know it

SEO as we know it is fundamentally changing. Every web company in the world from this date forward will have to restructure their marketing campaigns to fit the new approach of the biggest search engine company in the world, Google.

The old adage of customers saying “I want to be #1 for all my keywords” will no longer be a possible scenario for any marketing company. Web marketing companies who continue to promise their customers a #1 standing for every keyword, ...

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Why You Can’t Afford To Not Be Blogging

I remember back when blogging was first popularized in the late 1990’s. Suddenly publishing was accessible to anyone who wanted their voice to be heard in the form of online journals. But what do these journals have to do with business? More specifically where do blogs fit in with your company and how can they help your business grow?

Blogs are the perfect compliment to any business’s web presence. They are easy to use and can promote customer relations, web visitor ...

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The problem with Facebook and Google+ are that both companies not really here to help us.

I am curious as to why Google seems so afraid of businesses. I know they have their Google places accounts, that make sense, but what about business pages and communication from businesses instead of people.

Yes, this new feature of communities is fantastic. It separates them from Facebook. It allows people to create specific groups of friends, colleagues or interests and create circles of communication around them. But why can’t we communicate in a more third party manner?

I am a business ...

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Google+ Signup

I have recently setup a Google+ account for some blog testing. Please check back for updates.

We have officially launched our Business Google+ page. We are not quite sure yet why Google feels the need for every business and person to be involved in social media. They are trying to treat businesses like they need to have a face. It’s almost an oxymoron for Google because they have zero presence in our lives as a face. They have no ...

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Mac Mail error – You can’t use this version of Mail with this version of Mac OS X

I just upgraded to Snow Leopard and now mail won’t work at all. What more can I do to fix this problem?

Some users responded with the below issues and none of which have worked.
I moved my ‘mail’ app from the desktop to ‘applications’ and redownloaded the 10.8.6 update, but ‘mail’ still responded with an error afterwards.
The solution to that is to download the combined update for Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and your Mail program will ...

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Sarasota Domain Names

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Sarasota Web Design

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Sitespring Web Design is devoted to creating websites for companies and individuals seeking to further their marketing campaigns in the web arena. We specialize in Sarasota web design, however we have many valued clients across the country who trust their businesses are being taken care of online. Web designers have received bad publicity because of the famous “My brother-in-law builds websites” comments. Many advertising campaigns on television have begun to show how web design companies take years to build ...

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Using YouTube To Sell More Pools And Spas

Coming soon to your website: Video.

Why? Moving pictures turn browsers into shoppers. That’s the message from technology consultants who study the buying habits of the public.

“We are seeing a lot more video on websites,” says Chip Pattison, sales manager for Sitespring Web Design, Sarasota, Fla. “Motion really catches the attention of viewers, especially those of the younger generation who are more into movement and photography than reading.”

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Website Content Tip#1

1. Create a referrals and testimonials page so you can show your potential customers the quality of your products, services or team.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of giving your potential customers the ability to contact a few of your longtime customers. Let them speak of your skills, products or services, because it means so much more to hear from them.  Make sure you give them referral credits!

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